Students must apply to graduate. The due date for graduation applications each semester is before results are released, and you should submit your application during the semester that you are expecting to complete your course.

Graduation applications

The information below should assist you with accurate completion of your application:

  • Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science (Course code: 2894)
  • Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science (Course code: 3288)
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy  (Course code: 2628)
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy/Bachelor of Commerce (Course code: 2630)

Bachelor of Pharmacy/Bachelor of Commerce students

Students who are enrolled in the consecutive degree Bachelor of Pharmacy/Bachelor of Commerce can attend two graduation ceremonies – one for each stage of their consecutive degree.

For the Pharmacy graduation, students must list the full and correct title of the first stage of their course as “Bachelor of Pharmacy” on the application to graduate. You will receive your Bachelor of Pharmacy testamur at the ceremony.

At your subsequent graduation ceremony for the Bachelor of Commerce section of your degree in a future year, you will receive your Bachelor of Commerce testamur.

Note: Pharmacy/Commerce students who are applying for the Pharmacy graduation only must complete a hard copy application, as the online process may not work.

Further information

If you require any further information refer to the Graduation website.

If you have a specific course completion query please email the Undergraduate Coursework Manager.

Academic record (transcript)

An academic record is a formal transcript of your academic history at the University. You will get a free transcript when you graduate.