Practical, tutorial and workshop classes: attendance policy (undergraduate)


Attendance at all classes at the faculty is expected and important for the following reasons:

  • Evidence proves that students who attend on campus classes are significantly more successful with their studies than students who do not attend
  • Employability skills are taught throughout undergraduate coursework degrees and can only be mastered by attending classes
  • Lecture recordings have been made available to be used as a secondary study tool and are considered a privilege that should never be expected.

All absences for practical classes, tutorials, workshops and OSCEs must be explained with an in-semester special consideration application submitted within 2 working days of the missed class.

If students do not comply with the attendance policy their overall mark in a unit might be adversely affected due to lack of engagement (refer to assessment policy – note the ‘non-examination components: minimum score’ requirement.

Tardiness is not appropriate and therefore students are expected to be on time to all classes. Missing the safety component of practical classes will result in exclusion from the class. Failure to be on time to any class may result in exclusion from the class and/or assessment (for instance, OSCEs), but this is ultimately at the discretion of the unit coordinator and expectations should be outlined in the unit guide.


Postgraduate coursework students complete the majority of coursework online. However, students are expected to engage with their studies in an environment conducive to study.

Approved at Education Committee meeting 3/2018