Academic and administrative complaints and grievances

Monash University is committed to ensuring that all students have a positive relationship with the University and its staff members.

Complaints from students in relation to academic and administrative matters are managed within the framework of the University Academic and Administrative Complaints and Grievances Policy and the University Complaints and Grievances of Coursework Students Procedures .

The Faculty has created a Complaints and Grievances Flow Chart to assist with the steps involved.

Informal Resolution (Complaint)

If a student has a complaint, they should first try to resolve it with the staff member concerned. If it is not resolved, or there is a suspicion that the staff member is biased, the student should take their complaint to the next appropriate level to discuss it confidentially..

Faculty Academic complaint contacts:

Step 1 - Lecturer/Assistant Lecturer
Step 2 - Unit Coordinator/Chief Examiner
Step 3 – Curriculum Stream/ Team Leader
Step 4 - Course Director/ Deputy Course Director

Faculty Administrative complaint contacts:

Step 1 –Student Services Coordinator
Step 2 – Undergraduate Coursework Manager or Senior Postgraduate Coursework Coordinator
Step 3 – Manager, Academic and Student Services
Step 4 – Faculty General Manager

It is recommended that students experiencing personal problems discuss the issue(s) confidentially with a member of the Monash University Counselling or Health Services. Parkville has a full time counsellor on campus. Student Associations also have a Welfare Officer available. Student Rights Officers and the Monash Postgraduate Association are available to provide independent advocacy, assistance and advice in relation to a grievance.

Formal Resolution (Grievance)

If the complaint is not resolved, the student may make a written request for formal a resolution of the matter to the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Student Grievance Officer. The matter is now considered a formal grievance.

Formal grievances can only be actioned if the student has completed the Grievance lodgement form.

For full details on steps to follow, refer to the University Complaints and Grievances of Coursework Students Procedures.

The University has specific information about making a complaint or lodging a grievance and also contacts for University Administrative and other service area grievances available online to students.