Calculator policy

When students are permitted to use calculators in a closed book final examination of a unit, graphic calculators will not be permitted. Scientific calculators with no retrievable text or memory are acceptable.

For Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences units, a sticker system is used to identify permissible calculators.

Approved at Education Committee meeting 6/2009.

Getting your calculator approved

New students can have their scientific calculators approved at a special session during Orientation week. Please bring your calculator so that it can be checked and we can put a faculty sticker on it. If you forget to bring your calculator on this day, you can bring it along to Faculty Reception at a later date, as per returning students (see below).

Returning students can have their calculator checked and approved (and obtain an approval sticker) from:

Faculty Reception, Ground Floor, Sissons Building.

9.00 am - 12.00 pm or 2.00 pm - 5.00 pm during semester

You must bring your calculator with you when seeking approval, otherwise an approval sticker will not be issued.

Important reminder: A student who has not obtained an approval sticker for their calculator will not be permitted to bring any type of calculator into the exam room.

The following list provides information about which calculators may be approved: