Each year all continuing undergraduate and postgraduate students need to re-enrol in units for the following year.

Re-enrolment occurs between early October and mid-November each academic year.

See below for this year's dates and details for:

If you fail to re-enrol during the re-enrolment period, your course will be discontinued. Applications for re-admittance will be considered based on places available. To apply for re-admittance contact the Academic and Student Services Manager. If re-admitted, the late re-enrolment fee will still apply.

How to re-enrol

Re-enrolment is completed via WES and instructions are available online. Links to course specific information and contacts:

Course Reenrolment: Course planning and contacts
Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) and Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) / Master of Pharmacy
Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science
Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science
Postgraduate courses in Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmacy Practice and Wound Care

Undergraduate re-enrolment policy – course and unit restrictions

Failed units

Students who have not passed units will need to repeat the failed core or elective unit(s) (or equivalents) in the following year. Also see Invalidation of units.


To be enrolled in any unit at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, it is expected that students will have satisfied all prerequisite requirements.

Mixed year level enrolment

Students in the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) and Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) / Master of Pharmacy courses cannot undertake a mixed year level enrolment. In these courses, all units from each year level are pre-requisites to enrol in the following year level,

Any other student in mixed year levels due to failed unit(s) or approved credit is permitted to enrol across two year levels provided pre-requisites are met and there are no unresolvable timetable clashes that breach the faculty clash and attendance policies.

Any student in mixed year levels may only:

  • enrol in units across two consecutive year levels;
  • undertake final year/industry placements when they are enrolled in a straight year level

Course planning is available to assist students with re-enrolment. In exceptional circumstances the Academic and Student Services Manager may discuss a student's course plan with the relevant course education team for further consideration.

Policy approved at Education Committee meeting 5/2012.