Sir John Monash Medal

Each faculty is allocated one Sir John Monash Medal annually to be awarded to the Bachelor degree student eligible to graduate/course complete and judged:

1) to have an excellent academic record, and

2) to have demonstrated a significant commitment, while at Monash, to advancing the University’s goals of social justice, human rights and a sustainable environment.

See the Scholarship and Prizes Policy and Medals and Commendations Procedure for further information.

The Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences will nominate one student each year for this award.


  • Recipients of the Sir John Monash Medal must be in the final year of their undergraduate degree and qualify for the award of Bachelor/Honours at the end of semester two examinations.
  • Recipients of the Sir John Monash Medal must have a minimum of an overall average grade of Credit.
  • Recipients must also be seen to have made an outstanding contribution in another arena (e.g. sports, community service, performance etc).
  • No student who has failed a unit is eligible for this award, except under exceptional circumstances.
  • Former winners of the Sir John Monash medal are not eligible to apply.
  • A student will be considered for the medal only by the faculty in which they are enrolled. In the case of a student enrolled in a double or combined degree, only the managing (enrolling) faculty should consider the student for an award.

Nomination and selection process

  • A nomination can be made by the student (self nomination), a fellow student, any Monash staff member, or any member of the community by completing the nomination form.
  • The nomination must include a letter explaining the reason for the nomination, any supporting information that could be of use to the selection committee and permission from the student to have his or her records released to the selection committee.
  • The selection committee will determine the student to be awarded the Sir John Monash Medal at the Board of Examiners meeting at the end of the academic year.

The nomination deadline is 15 December annually.

A nomination form must be completed and submitted with the supporting letter and any other relevant information to Student Services.