Academic staff member

Course director

Professor Tina Brock

Deputy course director

Dr Daniel Malone

Profession practice lead

Professor Simon Bell

Structure and function of the body lead

Dr Betty Exintaris

Drug disposition and action lead

Dr Natalie Trevaskis

Comprehensive care lead

Professor Carl Kirkpatrick

Professional experience lead

Simon Furletti

Inquiry and innovation lead

Dr Ian Larson

The Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours)/ Master of Pharmacy (P6001) specialist double degree commenced as a five-year, full time degree at the Parkville campus in 2017. The Malaysia campus offers the same new curriculum as a four-year, full time degree, the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) (P3001 version 2), and this is also available at Parkville to international students who do not wish to enrol in the fifth (internship/masters) year.