Placement information for third year students

What are PEPs?

The duration of each Professional Experience Placement (PEP) is three weeks, and it is expected that students will develop specific skills in the areas of clinical pharmacy, problem solving, medication history taking, patient counselling and therapeutic planning, and an appreciation of the role of pharmacists in health care teams. All students are required to undertake four PEPs, one at the end of third year and the remaining four during their final year of study. The practice sites include community pharmacies and hospital pharmacies with at least one placement to be completed in a rural location.

What is expected or required of  participating pharmacists or preceptors?

The preceptor for each PEP is expected to be both a role model and a facilitator. Each preceptor is required to simply involve students in the day-to-day aspects of contemporary practice, and is not required to be a de facto university lecturer. A preceptor guide has been prepared to assist pharmacists involved in the program.

Students are provided with a workbook to complete during each placement, and are expected to be self-directed learners.

How do PEPs differ from other student  work experience such as part time employment?

Students undertaking PEP placements are not employees (i.e. there is no payment required), they are covered by a Monash University insurance policy, and they are undertaking a highly structured education program which links directly into lectures, practical classes and self-directed learning modules provided by the University.