Exchange in the Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science

Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science students have the opportunity to undertake an exchange to a Monash partner institution in their second or third year of study.

Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science exchange: Eligibility criteria

All students applying for exchange must meet the university-wide eligibility criteria for exchanges as well as the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences' criteria, as specified below:

  • Students must have an average of at least 70% across all completed units.
  • Students can go on exchange for one or two semesters in second year or third year.
  • Students must study units that are equivalent of units offered in the Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science. It is a student's responsibility to investigate possible units and present a course plan which satisfies the course requirements that results in a manageable course map.

Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science exchange: Procedures

Exchange contact details

Exchange Advisor (Academic Services Coordinator) Ms Saskia Wetter
Medicinal Chemistry Major Coordinator for academic advice Dr Ben Capuano
Formulation Science Major Coordinator for academic advice Dr Laurence Orlando