Innovation in Learning and Teaching

2019 Elizabeth Yuriev, Michelle McIntosh, Tamir Dingjan and Trayder Thomas

The team was acknowledged for the development of a series of 10 animations to illustrate a range of challenging concepts: phase equilibria, acid-base equilibria, partitioning, organic reaction mechanisms etc.

The animations address known misconceptions and support learning through multiple representations: macroscopic, sub-microscopic, and symbolic. In 2018-2019, the animations were accessed 70-300 times each (class enrolment ~ 140). Deployment of animations has been shown to effectively assist in student learning and enhance students’ performance on assessments.

2018  Angelina Lim and Keith Sewell

The Monash OSCE Virtual Experience (MOVE) is an online simulation program that allows pharmacy students to practise their clinical problem solving skills outside of the classroom, mainly in preparation for their Objective Clinical Structured Examinations (OSCEs) (a major assessment hurdle). There are twenty cases, each covering a chapter of the Australian Medicines Handbook. Each case requires interacting with a virtual patient and solving a clinical scenario in a fixed time limit. This innovation allows for repeated practice and teaches how to target their questioning to elicit the key clinical details. MOVE can also act as a pre-class activity to highlight content areas students need improving on. MOVE was successful in preparing 4th year BPharm students for their exit OSCEs in 2017, and was greatly appreciated by students as a preparation tool for the OSCEs.