Education research - survey staff and students

The Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (FPPS) strives to ensure a strategic and coordinated approach to survey research and other data collection activities (eg, focus groups) associated with our educational participants and programs.

In response to concerns at the number of internal and external data collection requests received, the varying quality of survey instruments/methods, and the potential for these to contribute to data collection fatigue and confusion, we have agreed a specific FPPS Student, Staff, and Alumni Research Advertisement Guideline.

All internal and external stakeholders wishing to recruit FPPS students, staff, or alumni for educational research are required to complete the FPPS Education Research Survey - staff and students.

Timeline for approval

The Faculty's Educational Research Leadership Team will review complete applications every four weeks. Following this, we will provide a definitive response.


If your application is approved, an announcement will be posted on Moodle (for students) or via the staff bulletin (email), including a link to your survey/website.  We are unable to provide students, staff, or alumni contact details.

The faculty is not responsible for the research data collected or the quantity of respondents.