Experiential Learning

Learning on the job

Students need to be learning not just in the classroom, but in the industry they’ll eventually be working in. Our degrees place great value on learning through experience and learning on the job. We’ve integrated employability activities in every year of the degree so that by their graduation date, they’ve already had employability opportunities under their belt.

Because we know that each degree will lead to different career outcomes and pathways, each of them have their own dedicated placement program, committed to enhancing the student learning experience by giving them an idea of what their career might look like down the track.


The Student Experiential Placements (StEPs) program is a dedicated placement experience for all students enrolled in the Bachelor of Pharmacy.

The StEPs program was built in consultation with stakeholders from practice sites in both community and hospital settings; it supports students in understanding how important the skills they learn in the classroom are in the workforce. The faculty provides accredited continuing professional development for preceptors, supporting them in their role as educators.

The purpose built program is designed to increase students’ learning in practice, incorporating at least 17 weeks of experiential placement across their degree,  in a range of practice sites from across Victoria. The program is underpinned by a framework of Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) to demonstrate student development towards independence in specified activities in the workplace. Each student’s EPA progress is recorded MyPharm, the eportfolio component of COMeT

Professional Experience Placements

The Professional Experience Placements program (PEPs) is a key aspect of the Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science degree. Our course values transferrable skills and the PEP program is an invaluable opportunity for students to learn how transferable their skills can be.

Students need to be career-ready when they enter the workforce and the PEP program, with relevant workplace experience. The PEP program provides crucial industry experience with a dedicated six week placement program, complete with a dedicated supervisor and industry partner.

The focus is for students to develop key skills including scientific enquiry, teamwork, communication abilities and hands-on laboratory skills. Students are partnered with one of the many relevant organisations and have the opportunity to network with potential future employers and develop a broader understanding of how the scientific industry operates.

A challenging but rewarding experience, students often progress into a further summer scholarship program of their choice.