Privacy Guidelines

The University has developed a number of practical guidelines to assist staff to understand their responsibilities in the management of personal information. The guidelines address specific issues.

If you wish to suggest a topic to be included in this section, please email your suggestions to the Privacy Officer at

Brochure Provides a brief outline of privacy at Monash [PDF] 
Collection of personal information The how, what and why personal information is collected[PDF][RTF]
Data matching Coming soon   
A short guide to the why, when and how of de-identification
De-identification guideline - issued by the Chief Data Officer, February 2018
Protecting unit-level record personal information: The limitations of de-identification and the implications for the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 - issued by OVIC May 2018. This document demonstrates the complexities of de-identification and serves as a reminder that even if direct identifiers have been removed from a data set, it may still constitute ‘personal information’.
Disclosure of personal information to third parties Includes examples of common requests for personal information received by the University [PDF][RTF]
Disclosure required or authorised by law or law enforcement Including disclosure to police and other law enforcement agencies [PDF][RTF]
Form development and privacy
(Staff access only)
Includes basic principles which should be considered when drafting forms for collecting personal informations[PDF][RTF]
Group emails and privacy
(Staff access only)
Avoid inappropriate disclosure of personal information when sending group emails by following these simple suggestions [PDF][RTF]
Identity verification Coming soon   
Key privacy definitions Outlines definitions and provides examples of key definitions relating to privacy terms including personal information, sensitive information and health information [PDF][RTF]
Monash Controlled entitiesWhat are they? - coming soon  
Privacy collection statementIncludes an explanation of privacy collection statements and the Monash University privacy collection statements[PDF][RTF]
Privacy complaintsA guide to when and how to make a complaint [PDF][RTF]
Privacy incident notification A guide to the approach of the University in making a decision to notify following an inappropriate disclosure [PDF][RTF]
Protect your identity Coming soon   
Recording conversations, discussions or events in the workplace A guide to the University’s approach to making covert recordings of conversations, discussions and events at the University, including in any University workplace [PDF][RTF]
Recording events, lectures, etc Coming soon   
Request for personal information relating to a deceased person
(HR staff access only)
Guideline for handling requests[PDF][RTF]
Research in the public interest Provides an explanation of the principles that enable the conduct of research without consent in limited situations [PDF][RTF]
Student results and assignments Collecting and distributing results – coming soon   
Tax file numbers – collection and storageA guide to the obligations which apply when handling tax file numbers - coming soon  
Under 18 and privacy consentA guideline which outlines the University’s approach to securing privacy consent from a person under 18 years of age[PDF][RTF]
Unique identifiersWhat is a unique identifier, the scope of a unique identifier and the 3 step test to determine if a particular identifier is a unique identifier [PDF] 
Use of images Coming soon