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Studying psychology provides you with a strong understanding of yourself and those around you. It will open up a wide range of rewarding career opportunities where you can make a difference in someone’s life. You’ll also develop a range of transferable skills – like critical thinking, excellent communication and problem solving – which can be utilised in a range of roles.



Psychologists are experts in how people think and act. Typically, a psychologist assesses clients and provides therapy to help solve problems, improve their mental health and quality of life.  As a psychologist, you can specialise in a number of fields including child psychology, educational
psychology, clinical psychology or forensic psychology.


Psychological researcher*

There's still so much we don't know about the human brain and behaviour. Psychological research gets us one step closer to a better understanding the mind and identifying new treatments. As a researcher, you could explore areas like sleep, addiction, mental health, brain injury, neurodevelopment or
memory. Learn more about Monash’s research.


Social worker*

Social workers advocate for injustices in society and help empower individuals, families or groups to improve their quality of life. Social workers can work in health, education and community services, in both government and non-government organisations.


Recruitment manager

Recruitment professionals are responsible for finding the right person for the job. Your communication skills and ability to understand and relate to people can come in handy when working in HR.


Market research consultant

Market research helps businesses better understand their customers. Market researchers design, conduct and analyse the market environment and turns data into insights that can change a business’s product or service. It’s a great career option if you want to put your data analysis and statistical skills
to use.


Drug and alcohol counsellor

You’ll be providing compassionate care for people affected by substance abuse. This could be face-to-face or over the phone, but either way, you’re helping improve the lives and health outcome for individuals and their families.


Occupational therapist*

Occupational therapists (or OTs) help those who are unable to complete everyday tasks due to injury or illness. OTs are excellent problem-solvers. They work with clients on doing the things they want or need to do – whether it be grooming, driving, learning or taking part in a favourite sport.


Youth worker

Make a difference in the lives of young people and their families. Youth workers typically work with vulnerable or at-risk young people. You might be teaching new skills, helping find safe accommodation or creating programs that create a world of new opportunities.

Corrections case manager

Positions in corrections, like case managers, play an important role in keeping our communities safe. You’ll be working with offenders to complete necessary court orders and parole conditions, as well as connect them with programs and services to help turn their lives around.


Human resource adviser

Looking after the people behind an organisation plays an important role in a company’s success. That’s where human resources (or HR) comes in. Within an organisation, you could be on-boarding new staff, helping develop employees’ capabilities to meet business needs or resolving issues within the workplace. Working in HR usually requires strong organisational and interpersonal skills.


Consumer behaviour analyst

Why do millennials prefer shopping online? Consumer behaviour is the psychology of marketing. It’s about understanding the different factors that influence a customer’s behaviour and decision-making process. Insights from a consumer behaviour analyst could help a brand build loyalty, or shape a new
marketing campaign.


Graduate programs

Graduate programs are one way to fast track your professional career. These programs allow you to explore a career straight out of university, and get to trial different roles within a major organisation.  There are graduate programs in a range of sectors – from theVictorian government, healthcare (Medibank), communication (Telstra),
banking (NAB) or consultancy services (PwC).

*Further study is required.