Bodi, Leslie


Appointed to Department of Modern Languages, 1960; Chair of German 1963-1987; Emeritus Professor 1988.

Correspondence 1964-1999 1.44m
Correspondence with relatives, friends and colleagues covering 1964-1972 and 1980-1999. The series includes inward and copies of outward correspondence, aerograms, telegrams, postcards, and greeting cards.

Manuscripts 1959-1997 0.90m
Published and unpublished manuscripts for books, journal articles, and conference papers. Files include correspondence, drafts and working papers.

Subject files 1961-1998 0.80m
Files related chiefly to work in department of German Studies, 1961- 1969, including involvement in outside professional associations. Also included are later files related to relocation of members of the Lukacs school to Australia (1976-1979); establishment and administration of the Austria Centre (1994-1998) and 'Monash in the City' public lecture programme (1989-1993). Collection includes correspondence, working notes, tutorial notes and handouts, newspaper cuttings, minutes and newsletters.

Professor Bodi

Professor Bodi, 1963