Hunt, Frederick John


Senior Lecturer in Education 1965-1989, specialising in Sociology of Education and Comparative Education; remained associated with faculty in 1990s as examiner and exam supervisor.

Teaching files 1965-2006 2.88m
Related to courses taught by Dr Hunt within the Faculty of Education, 1965-1989. Includes course outlines, lecture notes and other teaching material; files related to faculty course committees and to meetings of faculty academic staff. Also included are faculty newsletters and memos 1990-2005; and a memoir of his years at Monash, written in 2006.

Publications 1965-1997 0.36m
Articles, journals and books authored by Professor Hunt, including correspondence.

Personal records1944-2004 0.18m
Records related to Professor Hunt's position in the Faculty of Education and his time spent in Western Australia.

Student records1951-1964 0.54m
Records from Professor Hunt's student days in Western Australia and Stanford University.

Dr Hunt

Dr John Hunt, 1974