Pavlyshyn, Marko


Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor, Professor in School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics, 1983-2019; Emeritus Professor, 2019.

Archive of research project on Ukrainian theatre in Australia 1949-2009 3.06m
Records include photograph albums, recorded interviews, press cuttings and Ukrainian newspapers.

Archive of research project on the Ukrainian-Australian painter Michael Kmit 1983-1999 0.54m
Records related to a systematic biographical study of the artist Michael Kmit, including correspondence, photographs, slides and taped interviews.

European and European Union (EU) Centre publications 2006-2012 0.04m
Reports to the European Commission and 50 year anniversary commemorative publication.

European Studies teaching files 1988-2005 0.5m
Teaching files documenting various aspects of teaching European Studies subjects including subject proposals, course outlines, staffing, seminar flyers, exam scripts, minutes of meetings, course planning etc.  Includes subject handbooks.

Notes on German literature 1977-1982 0.72m
Notes and references related to graduate seminars and conferences at University of Queensland, together with notes of tutorials and seminars in German literature created at Monash in 1981. Included with the series are drafts of journal articles published during this period.

Records associated with publication of Encyclopedia of Ukrainian Diaspora 1989-1995 0.09m.

Research files on Ol'ha Kobylians'ka and Ivan Dziuba 2000-2008 1.08m

Slavic Section correspondence 1991-1997 0.20m
Internal correspondence of the Head of the Slavic Section, including course details and minutes of staff meetings.

Subject files 1980-2006 0.90m
Subject files related to Professor Pavlyshyn's work in Ukrainian studies, both at Monash and within the broader community.

Teaching files 1983-2002 0.36m
Records related to courses delivered in Ukrainian Studies including lecture notes, reading material and course outlines.

Ukrainian literature subject and research files 1960- 1.0m
Ukrainian literature in Australia, Australian literature translated into Ukrainian, research materials for publications on Ukrainian literature and Vasyl' Stus.

Ukrainian Studies correspondence 1973-2011 0.54m
Correspondence related to Ukrainian Studies and also to the development of Ukrainian studies in Victoria.

Undergraduate notes and PhD research files 1973-1983 0.72m
Notes related to undergraduate studies undertaken at University of Queensland, 1973-1976; together with research files related to Professor Pavlyshyn's PhD thesis (1983).

Dr Pavlyshyn, 1989