Roper, Thomas William


NUAUS National Aboriginal Affairs officer, 1967-1968 and Education Vice-President, 1968-1970; adviser to federal Minister for Aboriginal Affairs 1973; Minister of Health 1982-85, Transport 1985-87, Planning and Environment, and Consumer Affairs 1987-90; Treasurer 1990-92; Minister for Aboriginal Affairs 1987-92, Employment, Post-Secondary Education and Training, and Gaming Jan-Oct 1992. Shadow Minister for Sport, Recreation, Racing and Gaming 1992-93, and Health 1976-82, 1992-93.

Adresses 1982-1992 0.78m

Correspondence files related to Aboriginal Affairs 1969-1973 0.18m

Correspondence files relating to the Australian Labor Party 1963-1994 1.44m

Papers relating to the National Union of Australian University Students 1969-1988 0.18m

Reference material relating to Aboriginal education 1966-1976 0.9m

Shadow Cabinet agenda and minutes 1976-1979 0.02m

State Parliamentary Labor Party correspondence files 1965-1979 0.54m

State Parliamentary Labor Party Executive minutes of meetings 1967-1970 0.03m

State Parliamentary Labor Party minutes 1977-1980

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