LOCATE Classification Scheme

LOCATE is a Monash University protocol for classifying and naming corporate information and records. LOCATE helps staff organise and store corporate information in the correct location for easy retrieval in the future.

The LOCATE Classification Scheme is a controlled language tool with consistent terms arranged in a hierarchy. The terms reflect the major functions and responsibilities of the university. LOCATE can be used to organise:

  • electronic documents
  • email folders
  • directories on shared drives or personal drives
  • paper records and files

The Retention and Disposal Authority is based on the classification scheme and is used to determine the proper disposition of university records. It identifies the following types of records:

  • records of permanent value to the university to be kept in the University Archives
  • temporary records that must be held for short periods prior to destruction
  • records which can be destroyed immediately

For more information about how to implement the LOCATE Classification Scheme or for advice on records management, contact:

Sandra Ennor
Senior Records Analyst
T: (03) 9905 0086
E: sandra.ennor@monash.edu

For information about how to implement the Retention and Disposal Authority or for advice on the disposal of records, contact:

Lucy Davies
Archives Manager
T: (03) 9905 3078
E: lucinda.davies@monash.edu