Managing corporate data

Corporate data

The Records Management team can sentence corporate data with the intention of systematic and controlled destruction. We can work with corporate teams to assess both the risk and cost of holding vast amounts of unstructured data. High-value data can be identified, allowing it to be sentenced, stored and preserved accordingly. The process can also be applied to low-value data. The action of removing redundant corporate data in a documented and consistent manner, as well as legally identifying data for destruction aids Monash to excel in the corporate space.

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Managing corporate data in Google

Managing corporate data in other enterprise systems

Check out our recordkeeping assessment checklists, or book a half hour assessment with us and we will help you identify and mitigate any recordkeeping risks.

General tips

Have you found corporate records that need to be captured in TRIM (Micro Focus Content Manager)?

Records Management can bulk register miscellaneous documents to TRIM on your behalf. This service is provided when there are more than 20 documents to be added to various TRIM files. Records can be any format (pdf, jpeg, doc etc.) and be going to any combination of files.

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