Self assessment tools

Recordkeeping compliant business systems

In order for the University to comply with Public Record Office Victoria standards, it is important that any business system utilised to manage University records is able to comply with the relevant recordkeeping system requirements. We have templates available to assess a business system's recordkeeping compliance. If certain requirements are unmet, the risks must be identified and appropriately actioned.

Information and records system assessment pre-release check (Level 1)
This form is used to evaluate a system for pre-release recordkeeping compliance. It should be completed pre-release by someone involved in delivering the project. Once completed, Records Management will create a ticket via myServices. For more information see our RKA pre-release page.

Information and record system assessment (Level 2)
Is your business recordkeeping compliant? This is a more thorough extension of the 'Level 1' form, and includes a risk assessment for any issues identified. This will be completed by a member of the Records Management team.

Records storage and management 

The University has legal obligations to manage its records properly. These self assesment tools can assist faculties and business units to gauge  how well they are managing their records in accordance with University recordkeeping standards. They also provide guidance to improve  recordkeeping compliance.

Faculties and business units have the option to use the tools locally, or they can complete and send in the forms if further assistance or advice is required.

Each tool should take approximately 10 minutes to complete, if the person completing the questions has all the relevant information at hand.

  • Records storage self assessment tool (doc)
  • Records management compliance self assessment tool (doc