TRIM training and access

Access to TRIM (Micro Focus Content Manager) in three steps

Step 1 - complete training

Step 2 - access request - submit an online Access Form.

Step 3 - obtain access to TRIM (download software or view web client in web browser)

Step 1 - complete training

To get started using TRIM, you need to do some training. For all staff, it's available online for free and you can register anytime.
For Examinations records there is a different process and it's best to contact directly to find out more.

Mandatory training

What do you need it for? (item type in TRIM)Mandatory training program for that purpose
Various administration records (not HR/student/exams)
Central records
eSolutions records
Buildings and Properties records
Faculty records
Legal records
Research records
Residential Services records
Managing General Files
HR records Managing HR Files
Student recordsManaging Student Files
Examination records (to submit or view exam papers) Not online. Contact Assessment Operations:

How to enrol in online training

Enrol through myDevelopment via the "HR & employment" tile in

Step 2 - access request

Submit an online access form.

Step 3 - obtain access to TRIM (Micro Focus Content Manager)

After you submit your access form, Records Management and the Service Desk process your request. If we need any further information we will contact you.

When finalised, you will get an email from the Service Desk, advising that Records Manager access has been activated. They will advise you on how to access TRIM, whether through a web browser (TRIM Web Client) or through a desktop program.
Note, it takes several hours for the access to be activated, so you need to wait to download the software.

Finally self-install the software through MySoftware/Software Centre on your computer, or access through the Web Client. See TRIM Instructional videos or contact the Service Desk on 51777.