TRIM (HPE Content Manager)

Access to TRIM (HPE Content Manager) in three steps

Step 1 - complete training.
Please note Linked Training is currently not working in Chrome. Microsoft Edge and Firefox are working as expected.

Step 2 - access request - submit an Access Form

Step 3 - obtain access to TRIM (download software or view Web Client in web browser)

Step 1 - complete training

To get started using TRIM, you need to do some training. For most staff, it's available online for free and you can register anytime.
For Examinations records there is a different process and it's best to contact directly to find out more.

Mandatory training

What do you need it for? (item type in TRIM)Mandatory training program for that purpose
Various administration records (not HR/student/exams)

Central records
eSolutions records
Buildings and Properties records
Faculty records
Legal records
Research records
Residential Services records
Records Manager - General

General training note: Please ignore the elements which discuss HP RM/TRIM and MS Word integration. This feature is not yet available at Monash.
HR records Records Manager - HR Staff Files
Student records using a PC (most users except Malaysia) Records Manager - Student Files (PC Client)
Student records using a MAC or users from Malaysia (from outside the Monash domain) Records Manager - Student Files (Web Client)
Examination records (to submit or view exam papers) Not online. Contact Assessment Operations:

How to enrol in online training

Enrol at the Linked Training website.

You will need to provide the following information:

  • First and last name
  • Username: enter you Monash email address
  • Password: must have at least 5 characters including one uppercase letter, one number, one special character (eg ! @ # $ %)

Need help enrolling? Watch the videos or download the instructions

Video - How to create an account (mp4. 4168kb)

Transcript - How to create an account (docx. 18kb)

Video -  How to enrol in a program (mp4. 6666kb)

Transcript - How to enrol in a program (docx. 21kb)

Or download the instructions to create an account and enrol in programs (docx. 3797 kb)

Optional training

We recommend enrolling in the optional online training program 'Records Manager - Advanced', to learn more about how to make the most of using TRIM.

All the online training remains available so you can refer back to it any time.

After online training you are welcome to request a face-to-face (or videoconference) Q&A or future information session with a Records Management staff member, especially if you need help deciding what records are registered in TRIM or what to name them. Register interest via Service Desk Online and include 'TRIM Q&A Session - <Training Program Name>' in the summary (title) of the request.

Step 2 - access request

Submit an online access form.

Step 3 - obtain access to TRIM (HPE Content Manager)

After you submit your access form, Records Management and the Service Desk process your request. If we need any further information we will contact you.

When finalised, you will get an email from the Service Desk, advising that Records Manager access has been activated. They will advise you how to access TRIM, whether through a web browser (TRIM Web Client) or through a desktop program. 
Note, it takes overnight for the access to be activated, so you need to wait till the following day to download the software.

Finally self-install the software through My Software/Software Centre on your computer, or access through the Web Client. See TRIM Instructional videos or contact the Service Desk on 51777.