Using TRIM at home via MoVE or VPN

You must be in the Monash environment in order to access TRIM from home.

Accessing TRIM via a Monash device

  1. Log in via the VPN. If you need to download the VPN, please follow these instructions -
  2. Open TRIM as normal.

Note - you will need to reconnect to the VPN every time you use your computer, i.e. if you close your laptop lid, you will need to reconnect.

Accessing TRIM via a personal device

  1. Access the MoVE Platform -
  2. You will be prompted to download the 'Citrix Receiver'. This will take approx. five (5) minutes.
  3. Once ‘Citrix Receiver’ has downloaded, open and run following the prompts.
  4. Select ‘APPS’ from the top middle options
  5. Find Content Manager 10.1 and select the icon to launch the program.
  6. You may be prompted to select a Dataset - choose ‘EDRMS_PRD’
  7. TRIM will open.

Registering a document via MoVE

To register documents via MoVE you must manually add the attachment as you cannot drag and drop records in. Please see the instructional videos below for more information. As you cannot drag and drop, you need to be able to access the saved document from either your share drive or Google drive.

Things to keep in mind

There are lots of options available (see below) to ensure that you can continue to manage University records in line with relevant policies and procedures, even if you are using a personal computer at home. For example, you can map your areas share drive or Google drive to your home computer, and save your documents there before registering them into TRIM. If you are unable to map these drives, please ensure you routinely delete any University records from your personal computer once you have successfully registered these into TRIM.

Accessing the share drive via a personal device

To access your share drive, please follow these steps -

Accessing Google File Stream via a personal device

To access Google File Stream, the desktop connection for Google Drive, please follow these steps -

Instructional videos

How to create a Document via MoVE (video only - no sound)

How to amend an ‘empty’ Document via MoVE (video only - no sound)