What is TRIM?

What is TRIM?

TRIM (known commercially as Micro Focus Content Manager) is the name of the University's records management system. It is an enterprise system widely used in areas across the University, and manages short and long term records, as well as permanent records. TRIM captures and maintains Monash's corporate memory and necessary business information. TRIM has the ability to manage different types of records, separately, but within the one system. Therefore, confidential files can easily be restricted to selected user groups. TRIM also has a sophisticated audit log system, and can quickly identify which user accessed which records when, and can document what the user did to the records (e.g. whether they simply viewed the records, printed them, moved them etc.)

TRIM has a limited number of system administrators, which means actions such as destroying/removing records is strictly controlled to only a few highly training records and archives management staff. TRIM is compliant with Public Record Office of Victoria recordkeeping standards, which ensures that all records maintained in the system are kept in line with appropriate University and government policies. TRIM also has the ability to tag records and easily identify them for sentencing requirements. Sentencing records refers to applying metadata to the records which tells the end user the minimum length of time that the records are required to be kept for. For more information on this, see our Retention and Disposal Authority (RDA).

Many different areas across the University use TRIM, including Faculties and Central Administration units (such as student administration, human resource management, finance, etc.) and as of 2019, TRIM has upwards of 1300 individual registered users. When records have been registered into TRIM, their ongoing maintenance is assured, as the Records and Archives group regularly upgrade TRIM, and ensures its maintenance requirements are met consistently and efficiently. This ensures, for example, that records of long term value that are stored in TRIM will be able to be preserved and accessed (by those who are approved to access them) well into the future.

To understand more about University records, and the types of records that end up in TRIM, please review 'The basics'.

If you or your area believe you either require access to TRIM, or would like to store your electronic corporate business records in TRIM, please get in touch with the Records Management team.