TRIM upgrade August 2022

TRIM Go Live Day - Monday August 15th, 2022

TRIM (Content Manager) will undergo an upgrade in the coming weeks. The name Content Manager and the icon will remain, and it will still be called TRIM.

The following training videos will assist with changes and installation (if necessary);

Prior to Go Live Day

  • Ensure your computer or laptop has the most current Windows software update. This can be checked via ‘Update and Security’ in ‘Settings’ in the Start menu. If necessary, select ‘Check for updates’ and download as required
  • Open MySoftware to ensure this is opening and updating as expected
  • Document any custom ribbon settings
  • Shut down your computer or laptop on the Friday night to prepare for the update and ensure an ease of installation on Monday morning

What is changing?

  • Some new features within the ribbon/custom tool bar
  • Some changes to the 'tabs' within different features, such as when creating a new File or Document, or a new Location. These tabs now appear as a navigation panel
  • Refining a search, as this now comes with defaults that must be manually changed for more complex searching
  • A new 'Property Editor', which allows for editing multiple additional fields in one location
  • Decommissioning the Web Client. Due to security issues with this platform, users will now be directed to use TRIM via MoVE. Those users still using the Web Client will be contacted directly and given support and training for the new environment.

What isn't changing?

  • The name of the program, though we will continue to refer to it as TRIM
  • The icon for the program
  • The interface
  • The core functionality of TRIM, including;
    • Record Types
    • Record Numbers
    • List and View pane look and feel
    • Naming conventions for Files and Documents
    • Existing business rules
    • Security settings
    • Retention periods

Training videos

Introducing you to TRIM 10.1

New command shortcuts on the ribbon

New navigation panel

Property Editor

Refining a search