National Centre for Healthy Ageing

Promoting good health and wellbeing in older Australians through integrated care models in partnership with Peninsula Health

  • Estimated 8.7 million

    older Australians by 2056

  • Aim

    NCHA aims to address some of the greatest challenges faced by the ageing population

Australia’s increasing life expectancy rate has subsequently led to an increase in the risk and prevalence of chronic disease and dementia, resulting in greater time spent in hospital and the need for healthcare and aged care support.

The National Centre for Healthy Ageing (NCHA) – a partnership between Monash University and Peninsula Health – aims to address this by creating integrated care models to promote health and wellbeing in older Australians. It is a centralised hub for innovation and transformation of care practices.

The NCHA conducts research through future-focused simulation environments, its Living Lab which tests new approaches to healthcare problems and the Healthy Ageing Data Platform which uses big data to ensure better health outcomes. It leads models of care alongside expert researchers, care organisations, industry experts and the community.

Our Research

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