About Better Governance & Policy

Better Governance and Policy at Monash University draws together research strengths from across faculties and disciplines and through external partnerships to advance the design and practice of governance and policy in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. Better Governance and Policy facilitates the output of highly relevant, research-based contributions to discussions of contemporary issues in policy and governance and enables increased knowledge exchange and policy engagement locally, nationally, and internationally.

Better Governance and Policy is a networking platform for Monash University researchers as they engage in unique cross-disciplinary projects that have real impact. Our network of Research Affiliates offer expertise and guidance, fostering opportunities for collaboration and innovation. Initiatives such as our multi-disciplinary Policy Insights collection provide unique, accessible, and timely perspectives on pressing policy and governance issues.

Better Governance and Policy is also a space for the development of a new approach to structured dialogue at scale between government, industry, and academia. These external partnerships will further enable the translation of excellent research into fair and better societal outcomes.

We value collaboration, innovation, and the utilisation of excellent research to effectively inform governance and policy.


Professor Michael Mintrom is an authority on public policy processes and advocacy

Advisory Board

The Better Governance and Policy Advisory Board brings together experts from across the globe to provide strategic advice and guidance.

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Better Governance and Policy welcomes your feedback and interest. To find out how you can be involved, please reach out to better-governance-policy@monash.edu