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Australia is one of the most urbanised countries in the world with approximately 90% of the population residing in urban areas. Urbanisation has been identified by the United Nations as a catalyst for change with people, economic activities, social, cultural, environmental and humanitarian impacts being increasingly concentrated in cities.

‘Better Cities, Better Life’ showcases leading researchers and projects being implemented in the area of urban sustainable development. As cities are key to achieving a positive and more sustainable future, this website seeks to highlight world-leading expertise to influence urban policy decisions in addressing urban challenges and creating future opportunities.


Policy Insights: Better Cities, Better Life

We asked experts from across Monash’s faculties to share their insights in to what will make the greatest difference in achieving sustainable urban transformation to enable communities to thrive.

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Monash University has research capability and expertise across the breadth of early childhood disciplines, including psychology & cognitive development, education, medicine, social science, social work and public policy. Monash researchers engage in community-based, world-leading research that affects positive change in the lives of children, families and communities.

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Read 'Taming wild cities: the tall buildings of Australia show why we need strong design guidelines,' by Timothy Moore

Monash Commission: The potential of intermediary cities in reframing post-pandemic liveability

The impact of COVID-19 on Australian cities and communities has challenged Australia to reflect on and rethink the way we live, study and work, and to adapt the way urban spaces are planned and conceived to ensure communities are more resilient and inclusive.

Infrastructure, industry and planning leaders will come together as part of the second phase of the Monash Commission with the aim of developing practical recommendations for urban planners, governments and communities for cities of the future.

The Monash Commission’s second inquiry is focussed on “The Liveable Metropolis: The future role of intermediary cities to deliver resilience, impact and prosperity”.

The Monash Commission brings together Australian and international leaders to conduct in-depth and independent inquiries that capture the best available evidence and public perspectives to assist Australia and other nations to respond to global challenges.

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