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Given the current challenges that Australia and other countries will face in the aftermath of COVID-19, creating and sustaining a welcoming culture is ever more pressing. After all, this is a problem that affects every person in every country around the world. Only a united front where people from all backgrounds work hand-in-hand will help to solve this humanitarian crisis, they say, adding that, just perhaps, this experience can help people look past their differences and instead focus on their shared and linked lives.

Alex Piquero and Rebecca Wickes | Lens

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Monash Migration and Inclusion Centre

The Monash Migration and Inclusion Centre (MMIC) takes an interdisciplinary, evidence based approach to understanding migration and social, economic and cultural inclusion. The Centre brings together expertise from across Monash to generate practical solutions, inform policy and engage with industry and community groups on migration, inclusion, settlement and irregular migration issues. The Centre takes a focussed, evidence-based and interdisciplinary approach to understand how migration—both regular and irregular—shapes social, economic and community relationships in Australia and abroad. Through a coordinated approach to knowledge development and dissemination, MMIC will pursue a research agenda that will result in evidence that can offer practical solutions for policymakers, service providers and communities.

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