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About 200,000 commuters are going to have to do something else about getting to work. We're going to have to free up the road space to allow more bikes so people can travel reasonable distances. Walking zones will need to be expanded, too. Working from home will likely continue for people where this is a realistic option.

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Historically, Melbourne has always followed a path of building new roads to solve traffic congestion problems. But in the medium to long-term they don’t solve the problem. In London they're not building new roads, they're building new rail lines.

Graham Currie | Lens

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Mobility Design Lab

The Mobility Design Lab combines evidence-based research methods and real world solutions with design-led innovations that challenge prevailing orthodoxy. Our research mediates connections between science, government, engineering and user experiences of mobility systems. We engage with user-centred and participatory research techniques to reveal new insights into passenger experiences. We are passionate problem solvers with a strong track record of realising our work made real in the world.

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Public Transport Research Group

The Public Transport Research Group is the name for researchers at Monash University who are engaged in research on public transport systems.  Research interests of the group are cross disciplinary and varied but loosely focus on research associated with public transport and strategic planning, travel demand management, travel behaviour, transit safety, transport economics, land use and transit, travel modelling, operations modelling and planning for major special events.

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