Cities and Urban Design

The vision is for Melbourne to become a network of connected “20-minute cities”, where people will be able to walk or cycle to shops and services, reducing cross-town traffic. Public transport will run more frequently, so that commuters can arrive at a stop confident that a tram, bus or train will come along soon. The urban environment will become denser, more efficient and potentially more interesting.

Carl Grodach, Rebecca Wickes and Liton Kamruzzaman | Lens

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Could Australia’s housing crisis be solved, not with a bold expensive plan, but with sneaky, under-the-radar remedies?

Alysia Bennett | Lens

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After developing a smart home, helping build a smart neighbourhood is a natural step. There’s a lot of interest in this around the world...we’ve only scratched the surface.

Rebecca Wickes, Graham Currie, Carl Grodach, Megan Farrelly, Markus Jung, John Grundy and Maud Cassaignau | Lens

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Informal Cities Lab

The Informal Cities Lab seeks to address wicked, multidimensional challenges through research and development activities spanning spatial, social and economic dimensions.

We pursue a research model – Transdisciplinary Impact Research – which sets an arc from discovery research (new knowledge and innovation) that can go on to be tested on the ground through implementation working closely with governments, communities and the development sector.

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Monash Urban Lab

The Monash Urban Lab distinguishes itself through its unique integration of practice-based design and urban planning research. The Lab combines multi-scalar architectural design investigations with policy studies focussed on transitioning to sustainable and equitable urban environments and communities at city and regional scales.

Our research focuses on three areas of investigation: Sustainable and Inclusive Cities, Urban Infrastructure Systems, and Visualising Urban Futures. Select an area below to learn more.

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