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Research | Music City Melbourne

Urban Culture, History and Policy

How did Melbourne earn its place as one of the world's 'music cities'? Beginning with the arrival of rock 'n' roll in the 1950s, this book explores the development of different sectors of Melbourne's popular music ecosystem in parallel with broader population, urban planning and media industry changes in the city.

The authors draw on interviews with Melbourne musicians, venue owners and policy-makers, documenting their ambitions and experiences across different periods, with accompanying spotlights on the gendered, multicultural and indigenous contexts of playing and recording in Melbourne. Focusing on pop and rock, this is the first book to provide an extensive historical lens of popular music within an urban cultural economy that in turn investigates the contemporary nature and challenges of urban music activities and policy.

Authors:  Associate Professor Shane Homan, Communications & Media Studies, Monash University; Associate Professor Seamus O'Hanlon, School of Philosophical, Historical and International Studies (SOPHIS), Monash University; Dr Catherine Strong, School of Media & Communication, RMIT; Associate Professor John Tebbutt, School of Media & Communication, RMIT

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Project| Youth in the city: one place many cultures

This project will apply our expertise in participatory mapping, data analysis and visualization and digital storytelling, to develop collaborative work with secondary schools and community organisations in Prato, one of the most multiethnic cities in Italy, around the theme of “one city, many cultures”. Current rates of migration to Europe have generated complex challenges related to the social inclusion of migrants and the social cohesion of the communities in which they settle.

Research Team: Professor Rita Wilson, Translation Studies, Monash University; Dr Francesco Ricatti, European Languages, Monash University;  Dr Matteo Dutto, Italian Studies, Monash University

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Research | The Bloomsbury Handbook of Popular Music, Space and Place

Popular music scholars have long been interested in the connection between place and music. This collection brings together a number of key scholars in order to introduce readers to concepts and theories used to explore the relationships between place and music. Through considerations of changes in technology and the mediascape that have shaped the experience of popular music (vinyl, iPods, social media), the role of social difference and how it shapes sociomusical encounters (queer spaces, gendered and racialised spaces), as well as the construction and representations of place (musical tourism, city branding, urban mythologies), this is an up-to-the-moment overview of central discussions about place and music.

Chapter Six: Policy and Political Economy | Shane Homan, Communications & Media Studies, Monash University

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Monash Migration and Inclusion Centre

The Monash Migration and Inclusion Centre (MMIC) takes an interdisciplinary, evidence based approach to understanding migration and social, economic and cultural inclusion. The Centre brings together expertise from across Monash to generate practical solutions, inform policy and engage with industry and community groups on migration, inclusion, settlement and irregular migration issues. The Centre takes a focussed, evidence-based and interdisciplinary approach to understand how migration—both regular and irregular—shapes social, economic and community relationships in Australia and abroad. Through a coordinated approach to knowledge development and dissemination, MMIC will pursue a research agenda that will result in evidence that can offer practical solutions for policymakers, service providers and communities.

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