Research: Gender & COVID-19

Research: Gender and COVID-19 presents key reports, research briefs, submissions and academic research. Focusing on the gendered impacts of COVID-19, the collection provides in depth analysis and key findings by Monash University's expert researchers and brings together key work produced by Monash Gender, Peace and Security Centre, Monash Gender and Family Violence Prevention  Centre, The Centre for Global and Women’s Health, and The XYX Lab.

88 per cent of survey respondents said COVID-19 has impacted the scope or focus of their work, and 45 per cent of these respondents said their work was impacted following their country going into lockdown...56 per cent of respondents said they had no or reduced access to services or populations, which has implications for programme implementation, including domestic violence protection.

Monash Gender, Peace and Security Centre

Mapping the Impact of COVID-19 on Women, Peace and Security Practitioners in the Indo-Pacific Region

In the first month of restrictions, clinically-significant depressive and generalised anxiety symptoms...and irritability were at least double those in non-COVID affected populations...One in four had mild to moderate symptoms. The most vulnerable people had lost jobs, lived alone or in poorly-resourced areas, were providing care to dependent family members, were members of marginalised minorities, women or young.

Jane Fisher, et al.
Centre for Global and Women’s Health

Mental health of people in Australia in the first month of COVID-19 restrictions: a national survey


Much has yet to unfold concerning the impact of this global pandemic on the lives of women and children. Evidence from disasters indicates that there are good grounds for believing that they as a group will pay a high price as a result of the unintended consequences of the policy directives adopted in response to this pandemic.

Sandra Walklate, et al. | Monash Gender and Family Violence Prevention Centre

Working Paper: Domestic Abuse: Responding to the Shadow Pandemic Project