Transforming Early Childhood Development

We know that the first five years of a child’s life are crucial for their development and for their future prospects in life. These early years are critical for lifelong learning and well-being.  Despite this, our early childhood system is disjointed, inconsistent and expensive, and is letting down our most vulnerable children. As Australia’s largest university, Monash University has the depth, breadth and reach that is needed to affect the early childhood systems changes that will positively impact generations to come.

Monash experts in early childhood research, practice and policy, work across their disciplinary boundaries and within our communities to find real world solutions to real world challenges. This website showcases the world-leading expertise across Monash University’s faculties and disciplines that seeks to affect real change in early childhood education and development in Australia.


Policy insights: Pathways for transformational change

We asked experts from across Monash’s faculties to share their insights in to what will make the greatest difference in achieving inclusive innovation and systems change in Australia’s early childhood landscape.

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Monash University has research capability and expertise across the breadth of early childhood disciplines, including psychology & cognitive development, education, medicine, social science, social work and public policy. Monash researchers engage in community-based, world-leading research that affects positive change in the lives of children, families and communities.

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Professor Kim Cornish, Director of the Turner Institute, Thrive by Five Town Hall One, Early Childhood Education: Inclusive Innovation in Care Settings

Monash Thrive by Five ‘Town Halls’

Monash is pleased to be hosting a series of Thrive by Five related Town Hall events, in partnership with the Minderoo Foundation. Monash has world leading capabilities in early childhood education, children’s cognitive and brain development and policy reform and better governance. These town hall discussions highlight the cutting edge Monash research that provides the evidence base to support policy change and innovation across multiple jurisdictions that effect systems change in the Australian early childhood education sector.

The series of town hall events showcase Monash’s deep expertise in Early Childhood Education and highlight the world leading research talent of Monash University, in the following areas:

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Policy in Focus: Early Childhood Education presents key media reports, blog posts and expert opinions on current policy issues. Providing insight into the current state of early childhood education, and presenting evidence based solutions, the collection provides in depth analysis and key findings by Monash University's expert researchers.

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Research & Reports: Early Childhood Education presents key reports, research briefs, submissions and academic research. Focusing on the current state of homelessness, and providing innovative solutions, the collection provides in depth analysis and key findings by Monash University's expert researchers.

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Featured Event | Watch the Recording

'Early Childhood Education: Policy Innovation and System Changes' is the third online panel discussion held in collaboration with the Minderoo Foundation.

Thursday 20 May, 4.30pm AEDT

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