Policy in Focus: Early Childhood Education

Policy in Focus: Early Childhood Education presents key media reports, blog posts and expert opinions on current policy issues. Providing insight into the current state of early childhood education, and presenting evidence based solutions, the collection provides in depth analysis and key findings by Monash University's expert researchers.

It’s clear that educational systems should be ethically committed, perhaps now more than ever, to developing and promoting tools and policies that reduce (rather than reinforce) inequalities in educational opportunities...

Ilana Rosenbluh | Lens

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Quality language programs (facilitate)... important benefits such as brain development, cognitive flexibility, enhanced problem-solving and general literacy skills.

Marianne Turner | Lens

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Without a plan to provide incentives for investment in early childhood businesses, the sector will continue to rely on government subsidisation to make pay rates equitable and to attract qualified professionals into the workforce.

Chris Peers | Lens

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