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Research & Reports: Early Childhood Education presents key reports, research briefs, submissions and academic research. Focusing on the current state of early childhood development, and providing innovative solutions, the collection provides in depth analysis and key findings by Monash University's expert researchers.

I was aware of children’s differing capacities and would certainly cater my teaching style to fit the needs of the child; however, it was not until I worked with a particularly challenging young boy in a child care centre that I realized something was missing from my understanding of how to best help children reach their potential.

Leigh DisneyConsidering the Role of Well-Being in Education

Article published in Reflective Practice in Teaching

This chapter reports on how some Australian parents perceive their families’ access to resources (in the form of capitals) and the importance of early learning in preparation for the transition to formal schooling, with a particular focus on mathematics learning.

Gerarda Richards, Sivanes Phillipson & Ann Gervasoni | Australian families’ perceptions of access to capitals to support early mathematical learning

Chapter published in Teachers’ and Families’ Perspectives in Early Childhood Education and Care

Although it appears that there is growing interest in early childhood intervention as an effort to reduce crime, resources continue to be funneled toward punishment and incarceration. Considering this and acknowledging earlier cost-based empirical research, the question still remains as to the cost incurred by a lifetime of involvement in crime and experiencing a host of adverse noncrime outcomes.

Mark A. Cohen, Alex R. Piquero, Wesley G. Jennings | Estimating the Costs of Bad Outcomes for At-Risk Youth and the Benefits of Early Childhood Interventions to Reduce Them

Article published in Criminal Justice Policy Review