Royal Commissions and Policy Influence

When tragedy strikes, scandals emerge, and government policy is required to address novel matters of great public interest, Australians often turn to royal commissions for answers. Since the Australian Royal Commissions Act of 1902, royal commissions have been set up for a plethora of reasons at state and Federal levels.

The investigative powers and resources at an appointed commissioner’s disposal usually mean their findings are based on in-depth research, expert evidence, and community insights. Whether or not a royal commission is directly established to provide policy advice, the recommendations that accompany a royal commission’s final report are likely to have policy implications. Given the important subjects royal commissions are established to investigate and report on, each royal commission has an opportunity to hold a legacy as a historical record and catalyst for change.

Monash University experts are frequently called on to provide advice and assistance to commissioners investigating a wide range of issues. Their multi-disciplinary expertise has helped develop recommendations and to turn those recommendations into policy. This website showcases some of the important contributions Monash researchers have made to individual royal commissions. It also brings together the Monash-led research on how this important part of Australian governance and policy can have positive, real-world impact.

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Monash University has research capability and expertise that has been used to assist royal commissions on topics such as aged care, family violence, and mental health. Monash researchers have also been exploring the role and purpose of royal commissions, offering practical insights on this important part of Australian governance and policy.

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Michael Mintrom, Deirdre O'Neill and Ruby O'Connor

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