BGP Policy Impact Workshop 2021

The Better Governance and Policy team is very pleased to announce our first event designed exclusively for Better Governance and Policy Research Affiliates.

The Policy Impact Workshop will build awareness of the value and role of evidence-based policy and global trends and best practice in policy impact. It will provide practical tools to help BGP Research Affiliates strategically engage with government and industry leaders for ‘real world impact,' including influencing policy, being part of broader conversations and reaching non-academic audiences.

This workshop will be conducted in partnership with CACTUS. CACTUS is a global expert in knowledge translation, empowering key players in knowledge creation, communication, dissemination, and promotion, making research more accessible for broader audiences.

MMintrom Professor Michael Mintrom is a Professor of Public Policy, and is the inaugural Director of Better Governance and Policy, and the Director of the Monash University Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) Research Centre. Throughout his academic career, Professor Mintrom has advanced knowledge of effective policy development, how policies can have strong, positive impacts, and how academic research can better inform practice. Professor Mintrom has a keen interest in strategic policy development, and considerable experience in strategic advising and leading program reviews.
IColeman Dr Iain Coleman is the Research Engagement Manager for Impact Science, a specialist brand of Cactus Communications that provides impact and engagement support to universities worldwide. He has previously worked in three UK universities in impact and REF management roles, and also has experience in space science research, politics and science communications.
BRogers2 Associate Professor Briony Rogers is the CEO of Monash University’s "Fire to Flourish" community resilience program and Director of MSDI Water with the Monash Sustainable Development Institute (MSDI). Her research is motivated by the urgent need to drive societal transformations so we can thrive in the face of sustainability challenges such as climate change, population growth and urban intensification. Of particular interest is community leadership and action in climate adaptation and disaster resilience.
MBolton2 Dr Mitzi Bolton is a Research Fellow at both the Monash Sustainable Development Institute, and Better Governance and Policy Initiative. Her broader research interests include integrated decision-making, governance, regulation, public sector reform, contaminated environments, and artificial intelligence. With a background in the public sector and environmental management (12 years across the VPS/APS), Mitzi is particularly interested in identifying and facilitating tools to optimise public sector decision-making for the achievement of sustainable development.
JRobertsDr Julie Roberts teaches Design Thinking into the Master of Business, the MBA and GEMBA programs in the Monash Business School. Together with Associate Professor Gene Bawden, she is Co-Director of D-Lab, which creates bespoke design thinking experiences and workshops for businesses, and community and organizational groups from both the For-Profit and Not-For-Profit sectors.

A partnership between



Better Governance and Policy at Monash University draws together research strengths from across faculties and disciplines and through external partnerships to advance the design and practice of governance and policy in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. Better Governance and Policy facilitates the output of highly relevant, research-based contributions to discussions of contemporary issues in policy and governance and enables increased knowledge exchange and policy engagement locally, nationally, and internationally.CACTUS is a provider of science communication and impact solutions aimed at making science accessible to a global audience and creating new opportunities in academic publishing. We specialize in author services, research impact acceleration, medical communication support, and technology products for business solutions. Our aim is to be the voice of science, spread research through innovation in technology, help the scientific community reach a global audience, and create a meaningful impact on everyday life.

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