The RiPS Research Team

The Robots in Public Space research project is an example of Monash University's research capability and expertise across disciplines. The research team comprises of experts from the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Arts. The project is a collaboration between The Emerging Technologies Research Lab, Monash Data Futures Institute, Better Governance and Policy and Monash Robotics.


Associate Professor Shanti Sumartojo is Associate Professor of Design Research in the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture and a member of the Emerging Technologies Research Lab.  Shanti has expertise in people's experience of their spatial surroundings, with a particular focus on the built environment, design and technology.

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Professor Dana Kulić is the Director of Monash Robotics. Dana develops autonomous systems that can operate in concert with humans, using natural and intuitive interaction strategies while learning from user feedback to improve and individualize operation over long-term use. Her research in rehabilitation technology enables highly accurate, non-invasive, measurement of human movement, which can be deployed in industrial settings for accurate measurement of operator movement.

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Dr Leimin Tian is a Research Fellow at the Human-Robot Interaction group in the Faculty of Engineering and at the Human-Centred AI group in the Faculty of IT, Monash University. Her research focuses on affective computing and developing interactive robots that incorporate social intelligence.

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Dr. Pamela Carreno-Medrano is a Research Fellow in the Faculty of Engineering. Her research focuses on understanding and analysing human motion and behaviour for human-robot interaction purposes. In particular, she is interested in investigating how the underlying information humans convey through their movements and action choices can be used to inform and guide a robot’s actions and social-interactive behaviour.

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Professor Michael Mintrom is the inaugural Director of Monash University's Better Governance and Policy research focus area, and a Professor of Public Policy at Monash University. An authority on public policy processes and advocacy, Michael advances knowledge of effective policy development, how policies can have strong, positive impacts, and how academic research can better inform practice. His models of strategic policy development have had significant impact across various areas of government activity.

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