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Technology partnerships

The Monash Technology research Platforms (MTRP) partners with a number of technology and instrument providers, enabling researchers and industry to have the best and most up-to-date technology at their disposal.

Together, we have worked to test and improve next generation instruments and develop new applications and workflows. Working with our partners has allowed us to educate and train our students in the use of cutting-edge technologies, giving them important skills for their future careers, while maximising our research outcomes and impact.

For example, late last year one of our PhD candidates worked alongside an engineer from FEI (Germany) — the world’s leading supplier of electron microscopes —to test a new approach for optimising samples prior to cryo-transmission electron microscopy. Both parties gained valuable scientific insights and have since signed an umbrella framework with Monash University to cover all future R&D collaborations.

We value the support and the commitment of all our partners; they enable us to provide our researchers, and external users, with state-of-the-art infrastructure and expert people. We have had long-term partnerships with TECAN and Siemens. And have recently welcomed FEI, Nvidia, Mellanox and Dell.

For examples of the strategic benefits to our partners, and our Monash community, head to the delivering impact news list.