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Celebrating our new robot

The Monash Antibody Technologies Facility celebrated the arrival of the new Tecan FluentTM cell-based screening system – the latest solution for functional antibody selection.

Monash University’s Antibody Technologies Facility is the proud owner of Australia’s first installation of the Tecan FluentTM. This laboratory solution is the next generation in automated sample handling, cell culture and screening.

The celebrations were opened by Professor Ian Smith, Vice Provost for Research and Research Infrastructure and attended by Researchers from Monash University and local industry.

The Facility's Director, Professor Mark Sleeman explained how the new robotic system will provide a way to screen thousands of antibodies for functionality, saving researchers months, if not years, of testing.

Vito Trifilo, Tecan Australia's General Manager spoke of the great relationship between Tecan and Monash University and the excitementof having one the world's first Fluent systems installed in an Australian University.