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Quality assurance

We are committed to providing our users/clients with products and services of the highest quality. Excellence and quality are paramount through all stages of research, industry engagement and collaborations. To achieve this, we have implemented a platform quality management system that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems (audited by SAI Global).

The certification enables the highest level of quality and confidence in the services provided ensuring user/client satisfaction and thus supporting research excellence. This applies to associated Platform sites on all Monash campuses as well as temporary or mobile facilities that involve carrying out activities as part  of service provision. The scope of certification for the Monash Technology Research Platforms is the management of integrated research technology platforms and the provision of innovative technologies to enable research outcomes.

The University has developed a Quality framework to allow implementation and maintenance of the PQMS in such a way that it is fully integrated into all working practices, that it continually helps to improve the quality of products and services as we fulfil our users, stakeholders and client requirements.