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MCN Seminar: Electrospinning nanofibres at Deakin University

ANFF-VIC presents a series of talks at the Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication on the electrospinning capabilities available at Deakin Universityʼs Institute for Frontier Materials (IFM).

Electrospinning is a technique that uses electrostatic forces to draw out nanometre-wide fibres which can then be transformed into versatile materials. Applications for these nanofibres include filtration, smart fabrics, and battery technology.

The ANFF equipment available at the IFM includes two electrospinning machines – a lab-scale batch production system and a nine-metre-long, industrial-scale system capable of continuously producing two-metre-wide sheets at a rate of approximately 2kg/hour.

Location: Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication, 151 Wellington Road, Clayton, 3168, Victoria

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