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Monash eResearch Centre (MeRC)

eResearch is 21st century research discovery through the application of advanced computing and IT. The Monash eResearch Centre partners with research groups to accelerate and transform knowledge, connecting them to the most appropriate hardware, software and services to sustain that capability. It leads a number of national and international eResearch initiatives and has links with: AuScope, MASSIVE and the Monash Bioinformatics and Immersive Visualisation platforms.
Working with us

Do you have a research or industry problem? Are you struggling to pinpoint which service or instrument will give you the outcome you need? Please make an enquiry; we are happy to help advise the best workflow/technology to use and steer you in the right direction.

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Monash eResearch Centre (MeRC)

+61 (3) 9902 0711

15 Innovation Walk

Monash University Clayton Campus

Wellington Rd, VIC 3800, Australia

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