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Monash Fragment Platform (MFP)

The Monash Fragment Platform (MFP) provides academic and commercial researchers with access to fragment-based drug discovery (FBDD) technologies for their therapeutic targets. The facilities are located at the Monash Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences (MIPS) in Parkville, Australia’s largest and most successful pharmaceutical institute. FBDD screening uses our high-quality, in-house fragment library designed to maximise chemical space coverage and enable rapid hit optimisation. Screening cascades are tailored for each target and can be performed using a variety of techniques including NMR spectroscopy and our state-of-the-art surface plasmon resonance (SPR) facility. Structural biology and medicinal chemistry expertise utilising our standardized REFIL strategy enables the rapid elaboration of fragments into leads without the requirement for a large chemistry program.
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Monash Fragment Platform (MFP)

Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MIPS)

Building 4, Level 1

381 Royal Pde, Parkville

VIC 3052, Australia

Facility website

Director, Martin Scanlon

+61 (3) 9903 9540

Senior Scientist, Bradley Doak

+61 (3) 9903 9117