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RoboCore is a core facilty offering access to laboratory automation that can be utilised in an unlimited number of different applications to assit customers with their research. RoboCore equipment and instrumentation includes ten separate Tecan Freedom Evo workstations, a state-of-the-art Tecan Fluent workstation equiped with single, 96 and 384 well pipetting as well as additional integrated equipment such as CO2 incubators, plate-readers, plate washers, cell counter, tube labeler, centrifuge, barcode readers.
Working with us

Do you have a research or industry problem? Are you struggling to pinpoint which service or instrument will give you the outcome you need? Please make an enquiry; we are happy to help advise the best workflow/technology to use and steer you in the right direction.

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+61 (3) 9905 8906

15 Innovation Walk,
Ground Floor, Room G80,
Monash University, Clayton Campus
Wellington Road
VIC 3800, Australia

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