The Monash Victorian Heart Institute is a brand new, health and medical research organisation at Monash University, in Victoria. Our purpose and mission to tackle heart disease is shared by others, but our approach is radically different.

Every 12 minutes, one Australian dies of cardiovascular disease. Despite constant improvements over the decades , cardiovascular disease remains Australia’s greatest health problem - It is our biggest killer, costing our economy $7 billion each year.

We believe that research and innovation are critical to changing the cardiovascular health trajectory for all Australians.

When we bring together the best researchers, clinicians and partners, excellence is possible.

Our mission: Change the rates of cardiovascular disease in Australia, (including heart attack, stroke, heart failure and heart diseases) through research, education and training excellence.

It’s how we can drive measurable and meaningful changes to the prevention, treatment and management of cardiovascular disease for all Australians… until we can prevent heart disease entirely.

We believe that too many Australians die, or are disabled unnecessarily by cardiovascular disease.

We believe our patients and the community have an important role to play in defining need and purpose, together with the Monash Victorian Heart Institute's world class research and medical experts.

The Monash Victorian Heart Institute will imagine and realise the future of heart health by:

  • Leading and delivering global clinical trials
  • Embedding education and training excellence at Monash University alongside multidisciplinary research
  • Creating and training a leading and future focused workforce for cardio care and research
  • Creating a living laboratory at the Victorian Heart Hospital, with extensive biobanks and registries that accelerate research discoveries
  • Connecting and partnering with health and research partners globally for the best chance of impactful and transformative change