It’s a certain drive to question the answers and go beyond convention that makes research at Monash different. We believe that great research, when properly applied, can lead to lasting and positive change in the world.

Spotlight on COVID-19

Now more than ever, the world depends on researchers and scientists to solve what has become the defining global emergency of our time. Monash researchers are responding to the immediate complex global challenges arising from the pandemic, as well as long-term multidisciplinary solutions across health, economics, policy, technology, environment and society.

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Latest research

Monash University news

Breathing new life into asthma treatment using the palm of their hand

Monash researchers have received more than $725,000 from the Federal Government to improve the health of asthmatics with their revolutionary PALM device.

Engineering & technology 18 October 2020

Monash discoveries suggest new breast cancer treatment

Monash University news

Biomedicine Discovery Institute (BDI) researchers find a new combination of treatments that may help breast cancer patients with certain gene mutations.

Research 16 October 2020

Monash engineers improve fatigue life of high strength aluminium alloys by 25 times

A world-first study by Monash engineers has demonstrated improvements in the fatigue life of high strength aluminium alloys by 25 times.

Engineering & technology 15 October 2020

Managing online forums in the age of misinformation

Researchers from the Monash University Malaysia campus are developing a platform to moderate and verify content shared to popular online forums and discussion boards.

Engineering & technology 15 October 2020
Monash University news

Monash awarded over $1m for research in Australian history and culture

Research projects into alcohol consumption during COVID-19, understanding Australian slang, Indigenous knowledge of trees and diversity in the jazz community have received ARC funding.

Research 14 October 2020
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