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THE RAMACIOTTI CENTRE FOR CRYO-ELECTRON MICROSCOPY                                                                                                                                       



The Monash Ramaciotti Centre for Cryo-Electron Microscopy (Cryo-EM) is a leading research facility for biological electron microscopy.

Our platform provides expertise in advanced electron microscopy for biomedical discoveries at the molecular and cellular level. We offer a range of biological EM (Bio-EM) techniques from scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) to immuno electron microscopy, correlative light and electron microscopy, Cryo-tomography and structure determination using single particle Cryo-EM.

We maintain a suite of advanced electron microscopes, including Australia’s first Titan KRIOS – currently the most powerful microscope for Bio-EM.


Our platform supports researchers by developing and applying advanced imaging techniques to study the life sciences.

We conduct research into advanced Bio-EM techniques. The team also provides training and expertise to Australian and international collaborators on advanced EM projects.

Download Cryo-Electron Microscopy flyer [PDF]

Specialist Services

  • Transmission Electron Microscopy

  • Immuno Electron Microscopy

  • Scanning Electron Microscopy

  • Structural Cryo-EM

  • Single Particle Analysis

  • Correlative Microscopy


  • FEI Titan Krios Cryo-TEM

    The FEI Titan Krios Cryo-TEM has an autoloader for 12 Cryo samples, a  Falcon III Direct Electron Detector, a Gatan Energy Filter with a K2 Summit Direct Electron Detector, and a Volta Phase Plate.

  • FEI Tecnai Spirit G2 TEM

    The FEI Tecnai Spirit is a 120keV Cryo-capable TEM. Holders include Gatan 626 Cryo transfer holder and Fishione tomography holder.

  • FEI Nova NanoSEM

    The FEI Nova NanoSEM is equipped with secondary electron, backscatter, and STEM detectors. The microscope runs the correlative software package MAPS.                                                   


    The JEOL 1400 Plus, a 120keV TEM, is used for standard cell and tissue samples and negatively stained proteins. 

  • FEI Helios G4 UX cryo-FIBSEM

    The new FEI Helios G4 UX is equipped with a Leica VCT500 cryo-stage, EasyLift NanoManipulator, and Oxford EDS system. Software for Slice & View, CLEM, TEM lamellae preparation, 3D EDS analysis.

  • FEI Talos Arctica Cryo-TEM

    The 200keV FEI Talos Arctica Cryo-TEM has a 12 cryo-grid autoloader, a Falcon III direct electron detector and a Volta phase plate.

Sample Preparation Equipment

  • Ultramicrotomes

    We have two Leica UCT and one UCS Ultramicrotomes in the lab.

  • Cryo-Ultramicrotomes

    The facility has two Leica UC7/FC7 Cryo-Ultramicrotomes.

  • High-Pressure Freezer

    We have a Wohlwend Compact 3 HPF and Leica AFS/AFS2 for automatic freeze substitution.

  • Plunge Freezer

    Two FEI Vitrobots Mark IV for Cryo preparation.                 

  • Coating

    Gold, carbon, and platinum coating: Leica ACE200, ACE600, and SCD005.

  • Critical Point Drying

    Baltec CPC030.                                                               

Our team

  • Dr Georg Ramm

    Georg heads the Life Sciences EM facility since 2009. 

  • Viola Oorschot

    Viola is our specialist for immuno EM and correlative microscopy. 

  • Joan Clark

    Joan supports users in SEM, TEM, and ultramicrotomy.

  • Hari Venugopal

    Hari is our structural Cryo-EM expert and Titan manager.

  • Dr Simon Crawford

    Simon provides expertise in Cryo-EM, SEM, and TEM.

  • Dr Gediminas Gervinskas

    Gediminas runs our new Helios G4 UX cryo-FIBSEM.